Evidation Health and Sanofi

A collaboration agreement was signed between Evidation and Sanofi to translate real life behavioral data into quantified outcomes after the initial equity investment made by Sanofi Ventures. This collaboration is an example of Sanofi Ventures achieving our strategic mandate and vision to be a preferred strategic investor for digital health companies.

Evidation Health aims to provide the world’s most innovative biopharma and health care companies the technology and guidance they need to understand how everyday behavior and health interact by quantifying outcomes in the digital era, with real life data from connected patients. The company developed its Real Life Study Platform to accelerate and enhance outcomes research through virtualized pragmatic trials at scale—quantifying the impact of digital and traditional interventions far more efficiently than conventional approaches

Due to the potentially transformative nature of this technology and multitude of applications, Sanofi Ventures led the Series B-1 round in April 2017 to help enable their platform and commercial growth [Press Release]. This investment laid the groundwork for a broader collaboration between Sanofi and Evidation, which leverages Evidation’s platform and Sanofi’s wealth of patient data and insights to better understand the factors that impact patient outcomes. This broader collaboration was signed in August of 2017 [Press Release]. Sanofi Ventures continues to support Evidation (as evidenced by our participation in the Series C [Press Release]) even after signing of a broader collaboration. This is an approach we take with all portfolio companies, which illustrates the full fledged support portfolio companies receive from Sanofi Ventures.



Immune Design and Sanofi

Two collaboration and license agreements were signed between Immune Design and Sanofi after the initial equity investment made by Sanofi Ventures. The first was to use Immune Design’s GLAASTM discovery platform and the second was to develop best in class Herpes Simplex Virus vaccines (HSV). The HSV agreement is still active and represents Sanofi Ventures achieving our strategic mandate and vision to be a preferred strategic investor for early stage biotech companies.

Immune Design approached Sanofi Ventures for its Series C financing in 2013. As part of the Sanofi Ventures diligence process as a strategic investor, three groups within Sanofi, including the Immuno-Allergy team and Sanofi Pasteur, considered the early stage opportunity. With strong internal endorsement from these groups, Sanofi Ventures joined top tier venture investors (The Column Group, Topspin Partners, Versant Ventures, Alta Partners, Osage Venture Partners and Proquest Investments) and invested in Immune Design in October 2013.
Subsequently, the company initiated a number of Phase I clinical trials and successfully completed an IPO (NASDAQ:IMDZ) to which Sanofi Ventures also participated. In August 2014 and October 2014 respectively, a license agreement was executed between Immune Design and Sanofi to develop new therapeutics to treat food allergies using Immune Design’s GLAASTMdiscovery platform (press release) and a collaboration agreement was signed between Immune Design and Sanofi to develop first in class HSV vaccines (press release).

“Your involvement as an investor and foresight as to the synergies between both groups have helped to achieve this important collaboration around the GLAASTM technology,” said Carlos Paya, President & CEO of Immune Design.